Mt. Everest Hanuman Airlines: Fly over Everest (Official Trailer 2011)
This story follows 29-year-old pilot and champion kayaker Sanobabu Sanuwar and the master Everest guide Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa on their dangerous journey From Summit to Sea. The viewer goes with them as they jump from the summit of Mt Everest with a tandem paraglider and set a new free flight world record.
Himalayan Yogini with Devika Gurung Himalayan Yogini with Devika Gurung
Devika guides you to explore yourself by incorporating Yoga as a way of life. Born in the Himalayas in a remote village, Devika learned how to find her way through the essential things of life.
Fashion Fashion's Footprint
Fashions Footprint explores the small town of Carbondale and its larger than life community. As Sustainability becomes fashionable desigers become innovative by making our waste a resource. USA 11min 2009

drop A Beautiful Drop
A Beautiful Drop explores the waste crisis in the Himalayas. The home of the Dalai Lama has rivers that are over flowing with human waste. A small group of travelers try and do their part by organizing a public river clean up day. By focusing on the children we focus on the future. India, 16 min 2007
Educating the Future Educating the Future
Educating the Future is a comprehensive look at the non sectarian education system that has been created for the Tibetan nuns in exile. India, 50min 2009
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Produced by the Dolma Ling Media Department
Nunnery Dolma Ling Nunnery
Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute of Dialectics is the flag ship of TNP. DLNI is only university of its kind where a nun can achieve the same educational standards as a monk. The debate for the Gelong-ma ordination is still underway. India, 17min 2007

Produced by the Dolma Ling Media Department
shug Shugsep Nunnery
Shugsep, a Nyingma nunnery, traces its rituals and practice to some of the most illustrious female practitioners in Tibetan history. In the previous century, Shugsep was home to one of the most famous teachers of her time, Shugsep Jetsunma. India, 9min 2008

Produced by the Dolma Ling Media Department
bath The Solar Bath House
The nuns of Dolma Ling Nunnery did not have access to hot water and this was making them sick. The Tibetan Nuns Project has raised funds and has built a solar hot water bath house. Sidhpur India, 3min 2007
Nepal Nepali Yoga Women's Group
The nepali yoga center has been run by Devika Gurung for 11 years. She started a community project to help single mothers become independent. By teaching the women how to support themselves with trade skills, she is improving the quality of their lives and insuring their childrens education and health. Pokhara Nepal, 7min. 2007
hitch Thumbing Understanding
A hitchhiking documentary.
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Produced by Faux Reel Films on the road
A Child's Garden of Peace A Child's Garden of Peace
The community garden run by the children in Santo Ăngelo, RS (the state of Rio Grande do Sul) with adult help provides organically grown food and medicinal plants and teaches environmental responsibility within the neighborhood and beyond. Brasil, 2001